3+(Three plus)
横浜市出身・石狩市在住 白石マサシの音響系ユニット。
生け花作家の中川幸夫から多大なる影響を受け 自身の心象風景を表す。
他にRyonkt(Slow flow rec,Small fragments)とアンビエントイベント「Ambientia」を共同主催。
 Masahi Shiraishi Born in Yokohama city Now Lives&works in Ishikari city  He has been influenced immensely by Yukio Nakagawa (Ikebana artist) and deals with environmental sounds&ambient music with essence of nature&beauty in order to create his own abstract language and sceneries.  His music is not a music but art of sound. web:http://threeplus.jp/ soundcloud:http://soundcloud.com/threeplus twitter:https://twitter.com/#!/three3plusmail: threeplus.art@gmail.com 3+ organizes event 【ambientia】with Ryonkt(Slow Flow REC)http://ambientia.info/ Ambientia twitter:https://twitter.com/ambientia_info